Sailing holidays in Greece

November 1, 2015
Flotilla Holidays in Greece

The home of Western civilisation

With more than 8, 000 miles of coastline and over 2, 000 islands to discover, the only way to experience Greece is by boat. A Greek sailing holiday allows you to explore the ruins of Ancient Greece, sample some traditional mezé at friendly waterside tavernas and stop off at some of the country’s famous party islands for the best nightlife in the Med.

Take the helm of a beautiful chartered yacht and experience prolonged periods of open water sailing as you strike out for the scattered Saronic and Cycladic Islands, or enjoy easy line-of-sight exploration through the famous Heptanese Islands off Greece’s west coast.

Our bases in Greece

15% off

Turkey, Greece and Italy

7 nights from £1, 008

Corfu, Greece

  • Ideal for sailors of all abilities
  • Coastal sailing and open passages
  • Fine wines of Paxos and Antipaxos

Experience level 1-2 ICC RYA

Explore Corfu, Greece
7 nights from £933

Lefkas, Greece

  • Easy, rewarding sailing
  • Sail the famous Heptanese Islands
  • Enjoy fantastic watersports

Flotillas Experience level 1-2 ICC RYA Sailing school

Explore Lefkas, Greece
7 nights from £1, 253

Athens, Greece

  • Ancient relics and ruins
  • Exciting blue water sailing
  • Catch the famous Meltemi wind

Flotillas Experience level 3 ICC RYA

Explore Athens, Greece

Bareboat charter holidays in Greece

Pick your path along the Grecian coast with a bareboat charter holiday, choosing your own schedule and stopping wherever and whenever you please. Sail all day and party all night or while away the hours reading on deck, sunbathing on the beach or snorkelling in the glassy waters, the world is your oyster on a Grecian bareboat holiday.

Greece skippered charter holidays

If you crave the freedom of the Mediterranean without the pressures of setting sail alone, a skippered charter holiday is your ideal Grecian getaway. Set your own course and go wherever the mood takes you in the company of an expert skipper. Improve your sailing skills in safety and enjoy a relaxed approach to coastal cruising, with our discrete skippers guaranteeing your personal space when you need it.

Greece flotilla holidays

For a more sociable approach to Greek coastal sailing, a flotilla holiday gives you the chance to make new friends and enjoy a communal island-hopping trip through some of Greece’s Aegean and Ionian gems. Set sail in the company of several other yachts led by an experienced lead crew and enjoy evenings on deck or on shore as you soak up the best of the Grecian nightlife.

An ancient civilisation

Situated at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa, it’s hardly surprising that Greece has given rise to some of the greatest early civilisations in human history. The ruins and relics of these civilisations remain today, just waiting for intrepid travellers to rediscover them on an awe-inspiring Greek sailing holiday.

Considered the birthplace of philosophy, democracy, theatre and many of the modern sciences, Greece has a legacy that few other destinations on Earth can match. Sail through the Ionian and Aegean seas and encounter ancient history, broad sandy beaches, welcoming tavernas and nightspots that never sleep.

Grecian highlights

From the ancient capital of Athens to the picturesque island of Corfu in the north and unspoilt Lefkas in the east, Greece is a country of unparalleled variety, profound culture, rich history and natural beauty.

Greece’s quiet, traditional fishing villages, cosmopolitan cities and secluded anchorages provide a perfect alternative to the country's lively party spots. The Aegean islands are ideal for diving and snorkelling, with incredible local wildlife including rare sea turtles for those lucky enough to spot them. With so much to see and do on a Greek sailing holiday, one trip is barely enough.

Sailing in Greece
Sailing in Greece
Sailing Holiday in Greece 2015 with Friends Yachting
Sailing Holiday in Greece 2015 with Friends Yachting
Sailing holidays in Nidri, Greece
Sailing holidays in Nidri, Greece
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