Greek Yacht week

December 17, 2015
The Yacht Week Greece

Nightlife: 4

You’re guaranteed to have some really fun nights on the Greece route. Bottle service is available at nearly every party and is great because you can save money on drinks with a big group. There are a LOT of organized parties on this route so bottle service costs can rack up quickly.

Day Parties: 4

One of the best day parties of all of the routes is the White Party on Ermioni island. There are lots of day party options along the route and plenty of opportunities to sail out and tie up to other boats for a little sipping and swimming.

Activities: 4

The Greece route is by far the best organized route. Sometimes things felt a little TOO organized at times but, remember, each activity organized on The Yacht Week is a suggestion and completely optional. If you want more free time to explore a destination, don’t get FOMO and skip some of the organized parties.

Each island destination has something special to offer, whether it’s a donkey ride in Hydra or some island exploring.

Local Culture: 3

As with most places in Greece, there is a lot of tourism throughout the islands. It’s great in some ways because you won’t have any problem finding things to do or places to eat. But, you may get the tourist treatment (and prices)!

Sailing Experience: 3

Greece has some of the longest sailing days of all the routes. Like, 6 hours of sailing on some days. And most days you’ll be motoring, not sailing.

It’s absolutely gorgeous and you will most likely spot dolphins along the way but, it can also feel like a really long day at sea depending on your experience with sailing. Fuel costs can also add up because of all the motoring.

Size of Route: 4

The Yacht Week GreeceApprox. 15-25 boats per route

The Greece routes can vary in size but we had about 12 boats on our route. It’s a good number of people for some really fun parties and you get to meet a lot of people from around the world.

Extra Costs: 3

One of the best things about the Greece route is that you almost never have to pay port fees cutting out a major expense you would incur on other routes. It’s definitely the least expensive route in terms of additional expenses.

Food markets are also quite inexpensive and eating out can easily be done on a budget if necessary. Fuel will most likely be your biggest expense but overall costs still remain quite low.

Pros: Easy access to start location, well organized, gorgeous destinations

Cons: Long sailing days, bottle service at parties can get expensive

Leading up to The Yacht Week Italy, I have to admit it was the route I was most excited about. The route is actually in Sicily which is still part of Italy, but has its own unique culture and highlights.

This is definitely the most posh (or luxurious) route in terms of destinations. Each little port town has major appeal for luxury travelers… and for good reason.

Nightlife: 3

The Yacht Week Italy is more tame than some of the other routes, though there are some great clubs and parties. There’s a different sophistication about the nightlife making the Italy route unique from other routes.

Day Parties: 2

There aren’t really any organized day parties on the Italy route but you get the opportunity to see a LOT of the destinations you travel to. If you do want to day party, come prepared to “bring a cup of sugar.” There are some incredible opportunities to sail with other boats to gorgeous grottos and tie up for your own “rosé all day” party.

Activities: 5

Italy was one of my favorite routes for fun-filled days. We did SO much exploring with sailing to smaller islands to swim and roaming the cute Sicilian port towns.

You also get the incredible opportunity to trek an active volcano on Stromboli island. It was actually erupting the day we were supposed to hike it, so we watched the lava explode into the sky from the island of Panarea instead.

Local Culture: 4

Sicily is a special place for both food and culture. The locals are proud to be Sicilian and eager to share their unique culture with you. You’ll still find delicious Italian food here, but a traditional Sicilian meal can’t be missed.

You also get to sail to some spectacular islands, like Panarea, which is frequented by the rich and famous for its gorgeous vistas and beautiful marina.

Sailing Experience: 5

In the famous words of Borat, “wah wah wee wah!” The Italy route brings you to some insanely beautiful locations. We saw dolphins, a smoking volcano and gorgeous islands.

Side note: Ladies, this is also the best route to go topless without people gawking. Many days, you get gorgeous destinations all to yourself!

The Yacht Week ItalySize of Route: 2

Approx. 15-25 boats per route

The Yacht Week Italy is a smaller route which is hard to believe because it is so amazing! It’s the best route for a little bit of luxe, a whole lotta rosé and some incredible sailing.

There are a couple days on the Italy route with expensive port fees. The market in the marina at Portorosa is extremely limited and expensive so hire a taxi and drive a ways to another nearby market to save some cash.

Pros: Gorgeous island destinations, lots of fun things to see and do

Cons: Inconvenient and expensive shopping, remote start destination

The route that rules them all! Where do I begin? I have a soft spot for the The Yacht Week Croatia route as it was my first experience on The Yacht Week and I obviously had such a good time that I came back… 4 more times.

Because of the massive interest in this route, they now have a black and red route that run the same route but starting and ending in opposite directions.

Nightlife: 5

The parties can’t be beat- whether it’s the Fort George “party in a castle” or the world-famous parties on Hvar island.

If you want a once-in-a-lifetime party experience, then nothing compares to the Croatia route. If you aren’t a huge “partier” and are more interested in a cultural travel and sailing experience, I’d suggest one of the other routes.

Day Parties: 5

Some of the best day parties are also on the Croatia route. Whether it’s a massive raft party (where the boats are tied up in a big circle) or Carpe Diem club on Hvar, this route definitely takes the cake.

The final regatta is also best on the Croatia route where the crews of each boat dress up and race for eternal glory.

Activities: 3

Most of The Yacht Week routes offer day activities to explore the destination but Croatia doesn’t offer too much outside of the organized parties. I highly suggest coming to Croatia a few days early or staying a few days after to, at the very least, see nearby Krka National Park.

Local Culture: 2

The Croatia route is 110% about partying, so this route kind of misses any real interaction with Croatian culture unless you go seeking it. While it is about having a great time, there’s a level of sophistication that has been upheld by TYW and its guests that has kept it an amazing experience and not a trashy version of MTV’s Spring Break Cancun.

Because of the massive amount of tourism on the Croatian coast and islands (on and off of TYW) do your best to be a respectable visitor to this region. Party tourism is a touchy subject, so do your best not to be a drunk asshole outside of the party environment.

Since this route is more focused on the partying I highly suggest getting a skipper, even if you sail and it’s your passion. If you want to sail yourself for the sailing experience, consider another route. You don’t want to leave the party early or sail drunk.

The Croatian coast is known for its incredible beauty but there aren’t many days where you actually sail. The sailing days can be short, which is a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it (or how hungover you are).

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